importing radio stations from file

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How can I import a list of radio stations from a file?

My ISP makes over 100 stations available for free streaming (ie does not count towards my download quota) and they provide a list of the stations in a number of different formats (m3u, pls, opml, rss, plain text)

Is there a way I can import one of those formats? If I specify the .pls url in the add favourites, it only plays the first station in the list.

Searching answer
Currently adding adding multiple stations at once to favorites is not possible.  In regards to only one playlist item always playing, we are working on a new release that adds a little more control over the actual playlist.  Check out XiiaLive Beta from Google Play.  Note it only works on devices running Android 2.3 and higher.

I've been trying to restore settings to a new install of XiiaLive Pro via a .xiia file, but the new version of the app seems to have a secret default location for backup/restore. What's going on? How do I set the location for these files?

I was able to do the restore through email. Backups seem to be saved automatically and quite often. Is this to avoid users actually touching their own devices? But then how would they know where to put the email attachment?


I've been searching for an answer to this as well. Checking out the post about backup and restoring doesn't help because that doesn't tell us how we can merge a common playlist file (such as m3u or pls) with a xiialive backup.

Its assumed by xiia that the playlist file is only going to have 1 station, then you can add it to favourites. OK but what about the 99?

I'd like to see an option added where a user can open a file, and have it merge your playlist with the favourites already in place. I know this is difficult, and will take time to implement.

Right now I've just saved my most listened to stations from the playlist I have on my PC for VLC. Not perfect of course but over time i have amassed a sizeable list of stations in xiialive.

This APP seems to be long dead.. (unfortunately)

Backup function to Google drive is broke.

Found the back ups in Download /Xiialive backup folder

Now what to do with all those saves/data ? What format?