No song tags when playing from home stream.

Josh Landry 10 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Jona (Lead Developer) 10 jaar geleden 10
I have a Galaxy S4 Active and it's not getting the tag info from my home server.
Any other place or computer I go to has it, it's only this app that's not getting the info.
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Under review
Could you provide the URL to your home server so that I could test? You can send it to me privately via email or this forum. Thanks!
Send to xiialive[@]visualblasters[.]com
I got your email but I can't find the station.... If you feel it's ok to post the URL here you can just do that or email it... Thanks!
Yeah I think my computer got unplugged last night lol.  I'll turn it back on this afternoon
Jona, did you do anything?
I started listening to my station this morning and the tag info came in, shows up over bluetooth devices as well
Hey I just tuned to your station and I can see metadata info too. I guess it was something odd with your server possibly?
I suppose so...lol well thanks anyway