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BUG: Spontaneous Volume Drop Accompanied by Unsafe Volume Warning

Thomas Forrester 9 years ago updated by Ralph 8 years ago 1
At night, I plug my phone into a charger and an audio patch cable (via headphone jack of course) connected to a nice stereo system. XiiaLive Pro then wakes me up in the morning with it's Alarm Clock feature and my favorite Internet radio station.

Ever since my HTC One M7 (on AT&T) received the Android Lollipop 5.02 update, XiiaLive Pro will start the radio stream normally and at the volume I have set. But then, randomly (i.e., not every day) and spontaneously, the volume will suddenly drop to a near inaudible level. This can happen any time after the stream starts, but often it plays fine for 20min or more. When I wake the screen, then dismiss the alarm notification pop-up, behind that I find a "Raise volume above safe level?" warning. I have no clue why this is suddenly appearing spontaneously and at random, but it is affecting XiiaLive. Are you aware of this issue? Is there a fix?
Under review

Hi! Sorry for our late response. We recently released a new version This release improved various things and included a change that might actually resolve this issue. Any issues, please let me know. Thanks!