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Equalizer does not remember settings (often), or does remember settings (rarely). Look at the screen shot, in intermediate state  it even holds my custom settings as Normal. -- I do imagine how this is coded, as I am knowledgeable in wrong programming. Either depending on some context where it should not depend (like the number of station presets, or the theme color light/dark). Or equalizer settings programmed tree times, differently, at five places in the program, meaning: It is obviously complexly wrong. With simply wrong programming such effects do not happen, or have already easily been corrected. This said, I hope for soon connection.
.. and other old bugs show up again. Above screen dump was from version Other old bugs showing up again in version -- And it is even impossible to  go back to a previous, working version, as XiiaLive Pro cannot be saved to backup. (and impossible to switch to another radio program, due to feature advantage of Xiia.). Since it is about old bugs, please consider previous bug reports from this person. Thanks in advance. Using Xiia light is an option, but not a best one.
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Thanks for the report. So the main issue you are having is that you modify the EQ values and when you open the app again the EQ parameters are reset? If you can provide exact steps on how you can reproduce the EQ loss state it would greatly help us out. Thanks!
It is as I wrote, and other old bugs (under my name) appeared again. To reproduce set the equalizer, leave app, and later on use app again. No other steps required. . I'm a programmer, too, but not yet android. Saving settings at proper time, whenever changed, in the thread where it happens, (instead of deferring), and reading from the same place data base whenever needed instead of getting stale values from other place, including proper synchronizing or locking when needed (I'm not yet android), cannot cause such effects as depicted: naming NORMAL, containing CUSTOM.
Hey, I'm actually updating my response. I was able to easily reproduce the issue. Because update 3.2.x was such a big update unfortunately some things broke... :/ Next update will have a fix for this. Thanks!