why is the Beta's 4x2 widget the size of a 4x1 widget?

Doug David 12 year бұрын updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 12 year бұрын 6
why is the Beta's 4x2 widget the size of a 4x1 widget?


Well, this is a good question.  The widget is slightly larger than a 4x1 widget area.  One solution would be to center the widget inside the 4x2 area.  Regardless we will most likely redesign some new widgets soon and I will keep in mind trying to use the entire space or make the widget smaller.
Thanks! Please also try to keep in mind people that will be using your product in their vehicles. You guys like a very stylized UI and I like that too but it can be hard to use while driving. Maybe a Car Mode would be in order. (?) There's probably already a Suggestion for that heh
Car mode has been in our minds.  We have designed the landscape view to more or less be used while in the car.  What exactly do feel it's not perfect currently for car use? Thanks!
Actually, after using it daily for a week or so, it's fine in the car except that the color scheme can make it difficult to see the UI in strong daylight. Functionally, it's working well.

re: the widget, I'm not sure it needs to be larger than 4x1 if there isn't a plan to make the widget UI larger. As it currently stands, it seems to unnecessarily take up 4x1 of valuable home screen space.
Yep thanks for the feedback! Widgets need some love.  Hopefully after we are done with the app side of things the widgets should be improved.

YAY! The 4x1 widget is now 4x1! ;) The new release is mah-ney, good job!

Sorry before I got confused an thought we where talking about the stats widget :(