Some aac+ stereo streams not decoding properly

Matthew Osborne 13 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 10 years ago 1
I have an LG Optimus V phone running Android 2.2.1, and have installed XiiaLive beta and the latest version on the market.  I've noticed that, when playing lower bitrate aac+ stereo audio streams using the internal stream engine, they only play back in mono.  I know the internal stream engine is only a beta release, but this is something your team may want to look at.  Here are two streams that illustrate this issue:



Under review

Perfect! Thanks for the info we will take a look! 

Hey I was just wondering if any progress has been made on this issue with the internal streaming engine ... after doing some research it appears that this issue is related to the issue linked below, with incomplete decoding of eaac+ (HE-AAC+) streams



Issue has been resolved on our FFMpeg based streaming engine. Next beta update will contain these fixes.