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Some suggestions

michire 9 years ago updated by Ralph 8 years ago 1

I am a very satisfied user of Xiialive Pro since more than 2 years now. Absolutely great work!
Just want to share my 3 suggestions for some issues that I encounter every day when I use Xiialive:

1- Xiialive supports the media Keys for +/- (for exp. Bluetooth Remote) to change to the next/previous Station of the Fav. List. The Problem now is that in all Apps like Google Music, Spotify, Deezer aso. that also accept media keys input, when pressing + I get the next song in the list, when pressing - I get the previous one. In Xiialive it is exactly the opposite. May be it would be possible to add an Entry in the settings like "reverse media keys input"? In that way users can choose the right behaviour when pressing the media keys.

2- The possibilty to assign a local custom logo for every station of the favorite list. As I remember the favorite list is some sort of xml file(did not check it right now), so it would be really easy to add a link for a custom local logo file there for any station.
Even when Xiialive finds a logo for a station, the quality of it is often bad. Thats why I would prefer my own custom logo.

3- The new design/theme is really great! Especially when Xiialive finds the album cover. Unfortunately many stations do not send only the title/artist of the current song, it is more like this:

You are listening to "XYZ SONG" from "XYZ Artist" on XYZ-Station.

That way Xiialive can't find the right album cover. If this occures, it would be great if the Sender logo is shown instead of the play logo in the Album place.
Of course it would be perfect if there is some type of intelligent Text grabber that can extract the right song name, but I think that is really hard to achieve, as any station has its own way to send the current song title.

Many thanks for the best radio app out there for Android!

Under review

Hello Michael Glad to know that your'e happy using XiiaLive Pro. We do thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I'll make sure that this would reach our developers for further review. Thank you!