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lock screen control bug?

Ahmed Ali 6 year бұрын updated by Nanren 6 year бұрын 6

samsung galaxy s6

Droid 5.1.1

For some reason the lockscreen contols dont show on the pro version. But they work if i use the free version.

May be a bug.



In fact, we've pointed this issue to fix. Thanks.

yeah reinstalled but still only get basic lock screen notification on the paid version and not full control.which i can get with the demo version.

Under review

Hi Ahmed,

could you please report this bug via the app (how to report a bug)?. In that way, we can get more info about this issue and try to solve it.


can you take a look at this? http://support.xiialive.com/topic/1070531-idea-fixing-buttons-which-are-too-sensitive/

I pressed the next button by a big mstake again and lose the whole cache buffer :(