Notification sounds

So you are driving or at the gym while listening to your favorite online station. Music all the sudden stops and you have no clue what just happend. You need to get your phone, unlock it, and figure out why the music just stopped. This can get a bit annoying and specially dangerous while driving. For that reason we created the unique and original XiiaLive notification sounds! XiiaLive has provided this feature since its first release.

What are the notification sounds?

The notification sounds are special sounds that notify you of three common events while streaming. These are: connection started, buffering started, and disconnection.  

Can I change the notification sounds to something else?

Yes, we provide 5 different themes: Original, Cow bells, Bells, Minimal, and Smooth. These are only available on XiiaLive Pro.


Can I change the notification sounds volume?

Yes! Go to XiiaLive Settings >> Sound and change the Volume under Notifications.

Can I turn off the notification sounds?

Yes! Go to XiiaLive Settings >> Sound and change the Volume under Notifications to 0/OFF.

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