XiiaLive PRO features

On XiiaLive PRO we have added various great and advanced features.

  • All the features already included in our XiiaLive free version –variety of stations and directories, favorites, history, alarm, sleep timer, and sharing capabilities.
  • No ads! You can stream without any adds appearing on your screen.
  • Our REWIND option increases from 5 minutes on the free version to up to 60 minutes for the PRO version.
  • We added more options for the NOTIFICATION SOUNDS. Now you can chose the sound you prefer. 
  • Advanced station filtering options.
  • The ability to add homescreen SHORTCUTS to your favorite radio stations.
  • Bluetooth advance controls with auto play/stop playback. Pick a device to automatically start playback upon pairing and also to stop playback upon disconnecting.
  • Allows you to RESTORE a previous backup containing all your favorite songs and stations.
  • Advanced streaming settings enabled –buffering length, unlimited retries, connect and read timeouts, among others.
  • Extensive set of options that allow you to customize how Xiialive behaves on your device.
  • All future new features added.

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