XiiaLive v3.0.0.01 - release notes

New release is out with some bug fixes along with few improvements. Below the full list of changes.

Release date: 


New features:

- Added Turkish translations.

Changes and improvements:

- Removed Location permission from XiiaLive Pro.

- Simplified/Optimized widget layout.

- Increased sleep timer from max 60min to 120min.

- Improved handling a particular error reported by Android.

- Fixed font shadow not showing on some views.

- Changes to the following translations: de, et, fi, fr, it, ja, nl, pl, ro, ru, sk


- Unable to keep scrobble setting ON state.

- French language blocky characters.

- Remove favorite category crashes app when using French language.

- 4x1 widget reporting as 4x2 size.

- Widget tag button doesn't tag songs.

- Original theme causes app to crash on some occasions.

- Sleep timer fader value is higher than timer value.

- Media controls not responding while using XiiaLive with Media Controls OFF.

- Crash when stream service broadcasts information simultaneously from different threads.

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