Live/Back toggle fails when Bionic is in Vehicle Dock

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When VzW Droid Bionic is in Vehicle Dock, pressing the Live/Back softkey fails to toggle display. This symptom does not occur with HD Dock or when undocked (landscape or portrait.) The bug only appears when in the Automotive Vehicle Dock.

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Thanks for the detailed post!  Are you able to reproduce this issue every time when in car mode? I have tried but no luck... What happens if you reboot your phone can you still reproduce the issue?
The Bionic is long gone now. (And none too soon: What a lemon that phone was!) Still, I have yet to find Docking accessories that come close to what Motorola used to make! After updating the Bionic ROM, the XiiaLive Back/Live toggle worked fine again. (We can probably move this questioned status to "Answered", as it would appear to have been caused by a rooted OS issue.)
Thanks for the update! :)