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Unexpected player restart

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I'm listening to NRJ Dance 128k aw. Sometimes the player restart itself even the connection is fast. It is not happen often. I saw the error message but i could not read it to fast. I don't know if it has do to with stopped bug. Is there a way to stop it from auto restarting?

It is happening on any devices

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Hi Evildog,

do you have the steps to reproduce that?


Unfortunately, no. it is impossible to reproduce the bug

This bug still present In Xiialive

28 March 2016

Thanks for the logs. I took a look at your logs and I can see why it stops and it doesn't restart.

When a disconnection happens internally we try to reconnect. When the reconnection attempt happens, after valid network connection returns, we are receiving an error "Server returned 404 Not Found". This internally is considered a fatal error that causes the auto recovery to stop and thus causes a fresh reconnection at the end of playback.

Might be able to build a new version of XiiaLive with more logging enabled to see why error http 404 is returned.

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