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Alarm function

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Is it possible to add an alarm function or build a Locale plugin to start Xiialive at a defined time?


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Alarm feature is now part of XiiaLive v3.0.0! 
Will be answered
This is a great idea! We will most definitely add this to our list of things to add.
The only thing i would like to see is alarm built in, so i can also wake up with radio.
please please please!!!
So... how are we going with this planned feature of a wake-up radio alarm?

Should we expect to see it any time soon?

Would be a BIG promotion point for XiiaLive
Yep! We are working on it! Mid or end of Nov should have this feature available :)
I created an app called TaskBomb that schedules other apps to do things. Here's a tutorial for scheduling an online stream to play:


XiiaLive is actually the app I recommend for people to use :)

Is this one of the new features in v3.0.0?
Or is it to early to say. :-)

Can confirm the alarm in v3.0.0 works on an XPERIA X10i v2.3.3  and an FV-1 Android TV v2.2.

One can set an alarm and have XiiaLive wakeup and fade in Music of your choice at the time you have set.

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Alarm feature is now part of XiiaLive v3.0.0!