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I just did a network capture as the issue still persists and I thought it would be worth looking at it again.

The station in question is "100 XR", 128kbps MP3 stream.

What does work (1):

- Searching for "100 XR", then selecting the above station -> it plays fine

What does not work (2):

- While playing the search result from (1)  tag the station,

- stop playing

- select the newly tagged station from the favorites to play -> connection fails

What I see on the network:

When playing from the search result (1) I see a connect to

GET / HTTP/1.1
Icy-Metadata: 1
User-Agent: Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.2.2; Nexus 4 Build/JDQ39)
Connection: Keep-Alive
Accept-Encoding: gzip
ICY 200 OK
icy-notice1:<BR>This stream requires <a href="">Winamp</a><BR>
icy-notice2:SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server/Linux v1.9.8<BR>
icy-name:100 XR - The Net's #1 Rock Station!!! Today's Best New Rock & XtReme, Alternative, Classic Rock 128k
icy-genre:Alternative Rock Metal

When playing the station from the favorites list (2), I see a TCP SYN to with no response (times out after a few retries).

Do you have any idea why there is a mismatch in the addresses comes from?

In the meantime I've read that the station was changing servers/feeds and I think the problems were related to that. The shoutcast catalogue entries still seem to be invalid from time to time, but if I search for the station and start playing from the search result, it does work.

So currently I assume the issue is not on your side.

The problem with the bast boost knob was that with the previous version it was always enabled after app restart because I enabled it in the past, but when I switched it off, the setting wasn't saved across app restarts. Thereby I always had the EQ on after app restart which triggered the max audio bug.

The issue of the bass boost knob value not being saved across app restarts is still present with the current version.

The issue is gone since

Since that update also my bass boost knob is at zero on app restart, which is different to the version before. Since the bass boost knob is (still) not saved across app restart I cannot verify whether the original issue was related to it.

Yes, I did restart my device as I always do every morning, no change here.

Did you change something in Since that update, the equalizer is now (completely, no bass boost) off on restart and the issue seems gone.

Closing: By swiping it out of the recently used apps list. Restarting: From the launcher, as you normally would do.

I can not reproduce this on my N7, but on my N7 the equalizer is off while on my N4 it is stuck with a bass boost set which I cannot set to zero across an app restart because the setting isn't saved.

I found a way to reproduce the issue. It always happens when starting a stream after the app is started. So by closing and restarting the app I can reproduce it. Since the app doesn't save the equalizer settings on close, I can't say if the issue is related to my equalizer setting (an idea I had).

I have the issue with that the equalizer setting isn't stored when the app is closed. Somehow I managed with an earlier version to have it set to off but with the bass boost set to something >0. I can change that knob to zero but whenever I restart the app, it is at its previous position again.

This is what it looks like if I record the audio from the phone's headphone jack. The "full volume" burst is about 100ms long.

Anything I can do to help resolve the issue?

The issue seems to appear when the device was idle for a moment. When I then start a stream, I can hear the pre-buffering sound in the normal volume, then pause until the buffer is full and then the music starts with the first ~100(?)ms in full volume, then the playback continues with the expected volume.