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I am on Android. When I long press on Favorites, it only shows a pop-up when I am in the Favorites/Stations tab. If I select Favorites/Songs and then long-press Favorites, then nothing pops up.


Actually, now that I try it yet again, it works. The bottom part of the Favorites is "ribbed". It works if I press just above the word "Favorites", but does not work when I press straight on the word, or just below it (all within the area of the button). So the trick is to remember that we need to press in a particular area of the button. Not very intuitive, but I agree that it works!

Thanks for the quick reply.
This does not work anymore. It used to work, but in latest version I long-press (favorites, songs tab) and nothing happens.

Yes you are exactly right with respect to the "previously played" bug. The problem I am experiencing only manifests itself if I am adding to favorites by URL, and that station already exists in "history". This is a pretty typical situation, because I would usually "test" a stream to make sure it works, check the bitrate and codec etc, before adding to favorites. So the bug affects me almost every time.