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I haven't heard that you got the logs you asked me to send...I'm hoping you did. In the meantime...I ran across this in another post on a somewhat related subject, and wondered if it had any relevance to this issue...

"The reason some things work and some things don't is because of the format that the app is streaming it in. Let's take WinAMP for example because you used that as your example. If you look at winamp's description, it says shoutcast ONLY works on android 2.2. As you may or may not be aware, Google introduced new audio and video handling in froyo called stagefright. Froyo is the only version of Android that has stagefright.

Ok with the information above, winamp is streaming shoutcast in a format that's ONLY supported by stagefright, which is why it's ONLY supported in froyo (per winamps description). LG disabled stagefright.

Same goes for NPR. The version you'r downloading from the market see's your on 2.2 so it expects stagefright to handle the streaming video. Because LG disabled it, the audio or video your trying to play might not work.

LG has some lib files available for stagefright which is why when it's enabled some audio and video formats continue to work and some audio and video that didn't work will now work. Now on the flip side of the coin, some files that will work with stagefright off will cease to work with stagefright on."

Perhaps not...but I wanted to pass it along.
Done...hopefully that will help. Sent to
Be kind enough to point me as to the location of said logs, and I'll try to provide them. The Optimus V runs Froyo 2.2.1
This same issue is being reported by users at Howard Forums in a Hands On thread about the Optimus V. I just downloaded Xiialive Lite for a new phone and can confirm the same issue with mine. AAC+ streams click a few times trying to connect and then drop. MPEG stream from the same station (Jazz FM UK) works fine.