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Hi Jona, I'm on Android stream engine. With a little more testing I found that MPEG and AAC content actually works, Sorry for the confusion. I only tested a couple MPEG stations last time and I guess their server just happened to be dead at that time.

Now what doesn't work is WMA streams I added manually.  I get "Unexpected Stop" message at the bottom. The same stream works if I'm connected to WiFi.

Search function works fine.

Just tried it from my end as well and it's working well! Metadata displays and updates correctly.

Stereo- Stock subaru head unit (Clarion CP435L1)

Phone- Nexus One with unofficial CM9

Oops... didn't realize there's a comment section in here...

Thanks Jona for all the hard work! I'd be happy help with testing if needed.

Just coming back to say thanks for adding this feature!