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This issue does not happen with the ocremix stream on my phone.  That stream seems to work very well and I listen to it often with xiia.  The problem does happen on the kafuka (board2) station for me (HTC Incredible 1).  I am running the pro version if that helps.
I wanted to come back and mention that the ogg streams I have been using work very well now.  The connection issue for track changes has been fixed.  Thank you for getting this feature implemented and working!
It does seem that when the track changes it loses connection and doesn't reconnect.

Stream I'm using that does that can reproduce this is http://ormgas.dracoirs.com:8000/ocremix.ogg

I do understand that this is not an official feature.  This is just an observation.

Thank you!  Seems to work for me too.  I haven't noticed any artifacts, but I haven't tested everything yet.  I appreciate the work put into this.
v2.1.6 is out and still no OGG streaming. Any ETA on this? I was hoping!