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Windows Media is functional again.  Thanks Jona!
This is great news.  Thanks for your help on this!  Do you want me to send some different data rates for any testing?  Is there a beta (or nightly build) that I could load (maybe even the free version) that will have the fix?  I don't want to rush you with an official release but I would really like to get back to listening on XIIAlive.
I guess I didn't mean for that last message to be on the forum.

Jona, go ahead Email me directly and I return the info.  I don't know how to privately message you.

I use "" on the web to select stations (specifically their AAC+ streams).  Go to and browse to WFMT, aacPlus: 128k Stereo.  They have an advertising stream that is a fixed file that plays then the stream switches to the station.  Currently on XiiaLive Pro v3.0.3.1, it does appear that it is working in both "Android" and "FFMPEG" stream settings but each has varying degrees of delay (the advertisement does not play, check WinAmp on Win7 or their website directly).  I also have a private Microsoft Expression Encoder stream at 96kb Windows Media Audio 10 Professional
96 kbps, 44 kHz, 2 channel 16 bit 1-pass CBR that only will stream with the "FFMPEG" stream decoder.  I can send details on how to configure if you would like to try it locally.