Your comments

Yes, that would be great. For me personally it would also be fine if it would be possible to have a very wide range of selecting a volume (as in the LCG Jukebox). But the way it was as an option would also be fine to me. The lowest selectable volume should be hardly noticable at least.
I agree with the topic: the new volume control is NOT user friendly.

I think it should be at least an option to have 2 seperate levels of volume control OR another way of very very accurate volume control. The reason that I bought Xiaalive is actually because of its option to use a very specific volume. The day after I bought it... the update altered an essential part for me: the volume control.

Will this ever be changed back? Before this I used LCG Jukebox on my S60 device which had 100 levels of volume control: from almost not noticable to the full volume.

Please comment, as this is key for me.