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Really loving Chromecast Audio...only thing missing is my #1, go to music app...Xiialive. Nothing compares to Xiialive in my humble opinion. Chromecast and Xiialive would probably be too good to be true though.

Update: problem started again. Phone call will put Xiia on pause and I have to restart app to resume play. Notifications dont freeze it anymore thats something. This is on BT as before.

About 2 hrs after posting my last comment I was back on BT and  I could get no sound through speakers (2012 Tacoma), there was no sound from phone truck radio showed no artist info either (it usually shows artist and song), Xiia player looked like it was streaming fine, but no sound. I tried TuneIn and it worked fine..  I tried reboot and run Xiia again and nothing. I uninstalled Xiia, reinstalled and all is fine. Xiia doesnt freeze when a call or text comes through anymore. Not sure if it will start again...but im glad to have Xiia back for now. I have used Xiia over BT in this truck for 2 years now with no problems using Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4....never wonky until G5 with KitKat.

I will post again if problem persists. And Thank you for Xiialive.

It seems to only be when connected to Bluetooth.I just had someone call then text me while running xiia without Bluetooth and all was fine. 

I have a Nexus 5 running 4.4 Kit Kat, (Locked and stock) and a similar thing happens to me. I will be listening to a station and if a phone call comes in it will not resume play after call...shows only as paused. It is almost like the app freezes. I press play and the app does not respond... I have to restart app. It will do this with any notification that comes in during streaming as well, such as a text or email notification.