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That worked perfectly! I should have thought of it myself after your first post/solution. 

So thank you veeeeery much for this workaround!
This helps me with a part of the problem: the stuttering sound that happens when i change the app etc.But if i type with the android keyboard the stuttering still occures.
It is not fixed and i have no problem with every other sound playing app like spotify or google music. So your app is the only one with that problem, which means that there is something you could do to fix this. I really like your app and i would like to use it. But unfortunately this bug makes it impossible.
Thanks for the advice, but that doesn't help either.
I just updated to have the version issue is still there :-(
I tried the stream settings “Android“ and “ffmpeg“ again. Restarted the app. Nothing helps.
I am also getting the weird electronic stuttering sound here on my old (2012) Nexus 7 with Android 4.4.2 running. I have no other app running and no problem using the device otherwise. Changing the stream to ffmpeg doesn't change anything about the stuttering. I tried it with stopping the stream and really killing and restarting the app. Still the stuttering occurres. The stuttering seems to come with almost all actions like changing activities in any app or typing. But not while scrolling in the amdroid twitter app. I can not here music through XiiaaLive and do something with the device at same time. I notice that the stuttering only happens if the sound is output via Bluetooth.