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Sorry ... My fault
Rebooted the phone and now it's working
Thanks again

 Hi Jonas,

I've tested the new Xiialive pro with the AVRCP suport. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. Your beta was working good so I think something is now broken.

I'll give it another try later today


Thank you soooooo much. It is working fine !!!

Tested on samsung galaxy s2 + Toyota Yaris Hybride Car Player

But like Philip, the bluetooth controls aren't working (because it's free version?). I'm now waiting for an update of the pro version as I already purchased the app :)

What you could do to make this feature even more complete, is the possibility to add album art. Yeah I know we are always asking for more :D

What about a jpg link to a local picture on sd card ?

Thanks again

 I also would like to help and test :)

 any news on this ? I really need it for my car

pleeeease :)

Isnt it possible to add a custom stream URL like in previous versions ? i cant find it
Got a HTC desire but I haven't seen an upate so far :(
I've downloaded the new version too. Aac+ is working now but the sound is terrible ... Really really bad :( Is there a fix coming ? I'm using froyo 2.2