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Receiving a call though works perfect for me . It mutes during the call and starts again when the call is finished
(Iphone 4 with IOS 7 & Iphone 6 with IOS 8 : XiiaLive 1.1.1 ): I have a similar isssue . When I stream via Bluetooth in my car and I switch off the power the car Xiialive will continue to play on my phone, while it should pauze. Now all I can do is unlock my phone and pauze Xiialive manually. 
Thank you for great support ! First class 
i have the Iphone 4 with IOS 7.1.2 (latest available update for Iphone4) 
when I open the app the splashscreen stays on for 10 seconds and then the app is just closing down again. So no I don't manage to get around the splash screen. 
The previous version would work rather well, except that it would stop playing sometimes when locking my phone. I am a happy user already for some time as an android app on my samsung tab so i was very happy to find in itunes . 
I really hope you will be able to get this fixed
i have already removed it twice and re-installed it . But still the same issue