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This seems to be a bug to do with screen rotation. Here is how to reproduce it. Launch XiiaLive in portrait aspect and start playing a favourite station. Go to task manager. CPU will be around 1 per cent. Now go back to XiiaLive. Rotate the phone so the display switches to landscape. Then rotate again back to portrait. Then back to landscape. Then back to portrait. Finally back to landscape. Now go back to the task manager. CPU will now be much higher -- 25 per cent on my Galaxy S2 --and it remains high, whatever you do, even if you stop the stream, until you manually kill the app. Hope this helps.
I started using XiaaLive Free a few months ago on a Galaxy S2 running Android 4.1.2 and found CPU usage was negligible, around 0 to 2 per cent. Now it's regularly sitting at 20 per cent or higher, and RAM usage seems to go up and up. Stream codec, bit rate, ffmpeg or Android engine all seem to make no difference. But occasionally, processor usage goes back down to the old very low level -- so this looks like an intermittent issue. Surely it can't be animated ads and scrolling text causing the drain even when the screen is off? I also experience CPU usage remaining high, even after stop is pressed.