Your comments

I can only applaud this.
IMHO, Android design guidelines are stupid... though it helps to have all the apps following the same stupid design and not having to learn a new interface for each app.

Now, on the other hand... I find the current design... excuse me, nothing personal, it's just a matter of taste... I find it cheesy. Apps that follow some of the Google guidelines achieve a more pro-looking, clean interface.

Your app will stand out not by it looks (you can add your "touch" nonetheless) but by its features.
I think the most basic option to implement is simply that, scheduled recording. Once you have that working smoothly you can add features over time. Pre-calculate approx. how much time can you record given the selected station bitrate and the available free space and inform the user.
Recording 2 channels... not much use generally speaking. Overwriting previous recording? Undesirable for me, so just easier to allo user to choose a naming scheme: if you choose a fixed name the file will be overwritten, if you choose a variable (i.e. date-time) naming scheme the file won't be overwritten.

But getting the recording feature ASAP is a priority, I thing. Though I don't use it ;)