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This feature is also great but 10, 15 or 30 sec rewind is faster than that.

is there a way to prevent it?

It is annoying that some station want to leave Shoutcast.

I have the same problem with my LG G3 running Android 5.1.1. i have contacted the devs about that and i hope they will wake uo

i had this station added on my favorite. when i try to play it, it gets stuck on connecting... then max retries reached.


I want Windows 10 version of Xiialive because Tunein is very bad app

  1. Are you starting playback from a home screen station shortcut? Yes
  2. When you press any button from the lock screen player playback stops? Sometimes but it is random. After open the screen and lock the screen again, 30 seconds later, the player began to stop.
  3. Opening XiiaLive, going into favorites, and playing a station. After that turning OFF the screen playback stops? Sometimes but it is random
  4. Turning the screen OFF always causes playback to stop? After how long? Not always. around 5 hours, but the player still stop even in 5 minutes cache!
  5. What device do you have? What Android version does it have? Android 4.2.2. This problem happen on emulators running Android 4.4.4, too!
  6. Are you connected to WiFi when this issue happens? Yes
  7. Do you have any Bluetooth devices paired with your device when the issue happens? No, what is Bluetooth?
  8. Do you have headphones plugged when this issue happens? Yes/No
  9. Do you have any phone optimizer app running? Virus protection app or other? No. Antivirus is not necessary

My device does not have Screen Backlight OFF function.

Mine auto restart the player for no reason. My phone is connected to Wifi and my bandwidth is 60/60 Mbit

App: Xiialive Pro

Unlimited skips: ON

Ignore audio focus: ON

Buffer cache: 30 minutes

Everything else are default