Can no longer find/hear SOMA-FM stations

chico 8 years ago updated by Nanren 8 years ago 7

Hi - I bought PRO version because XiiaLive seems a great player for the SOMA-FM stations (i.e, Groove Salad, Sonic Universe, etc). But recently XiiaLive can't connect or find them. I've searched the forums and tried other directories and techniques (like deleting and adding url manually). I just keep getting "Can't Connect".

SOMA-FM site says, "Our high bandwidth mobile streams are 64k AAC-HE, and the low bandwidth streams are 32k AAC-HE." Is it possible that XiiaLive can't play these streams?

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Hi Chico! As I have engaged this to our developers, those streams should work with the app. Can you please try it again on your end and kindly let me know how you go. Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know that the app works with that encoding. For some reason the SOMA-FM stations are no longer listed under Shoutcast so they can't be found with XiiaLive, but I got their direct links to work...so no problems anymore...thanks...

For anyone interested in adding the SOMA-FM stations to XiiaLive, go to their website and look for the direct links (i.e., https://somafm.com/groovesalad/directstreamlinks.html). You can add them by pressing the "+" under "Favorites". The .pls urls worked for me.


Hey, interesting...I've not been able to access any of the SOMA-FM stations from the search function of XiiaLive for a long time...but I just tried again, and they are coming up on the UberStations directory again. Not sure what's changed, or if you guys fixed it for us...anyway, all's cool once again. Thanks.


Hi Chico! Glad to know it's working now on your end. Please don't hesitate to reach out for us for any other concerns. Thank you!

It is annoying that some station want to leave Shoutcast.

is there a way to prevent it?

i agree. I Love 2 Dance also left Shoutcast but i have got their links