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Jona, will these recent changes made in 2.3.4 help to improve (reduce) battery drain? I updated to 2.3.4 today and Xiialive seems to be a little less taxing on the battery than 2.3.3 was, in the short time I have been using it. I have been using internal stream engine on both. Thank you for the update. :-) It's working great so far.

Also sent another log of issue of internal engine not reconnecting when network is switched fron 3g to wifi on ver 2.2.2 internal stream engine from same email account. Hope this helps. :-)
Jona, I sent a email of the error log with the issue of xiialive 2.2.2 internal stream engine crashing issue when starting a 32 kbps aac+ stream using the log application that you said to use. The email will be from I hope this helps you out, talk to you later. :-)

Hi Jona. Please disregard this paticular post as the reconnection issue seems to have been greatly improved with ver. 2.2.2. ( I dont remember how old this post is since I mentioned ver. 2.1.8) I'll give you further information in response to my newer posting concerning the internal streaming engine issues. Thank you! :-)
Was this issue on the paid or free version? I only see an update for the free version. Thanks! :-)
That's great news Jona! :-) I will be looking forward to the next release.
Thank you for your reply Jona! If the audio was to skip a second or two forward during a a CDMA disconnect/reconnect event, I dont see that as any really major issue. Will be looking forward to this feature if it is possible to implement, but I see there are other requests also, so I will be patient. :-) If you need any further information, feedback, or beta testers, I will be more than happy to assist. You may email me at Thanks again and have a great day. :-)