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I keep seeing the same response, "Thanks for your idea..We will keep them in mind next releases."

Wonder if it's just a BOT.. lol

Anyway, this simple request has been asked for years. I can't believe it's such a challenge to add; 'a behavior to play Next/Back from within your personal play list categories.' 

I and many customers have asked for this for a long time now. When a user has 15+ streaming stations all together, and listening to Talk radio for example, it sucks you can't just skip to next talk radio within that group. Instead you might go from Talk to Rock,/ classical etc..

The random next/previous stream.. Or is there a logic to this?

If it's a matter of others might not want it, make it a selectable option in settings.

Is beta testing for Dev releases still going on? I am an avid user of XXiaLive Player. However, recently after a few updates, I am no longer able to control forward, play, reverse , etc in back ground using Bluetooth headset.

Is it hard to add a back track button in lndscape?

Great app.. Use it 90% of time.. That's why I bought it..Thanks.

One thing though, we need more skin theme options. Classic LIght is nice BUT, it's useless without the back button in landscape mode for me. That's the only rotation I use while in car. Is there any way, you could squeeze a Back button (Back track) ? If it's easy to modify, Maybe shorting the "Playing..." bar and make info Thumb nail even bigger with back button or transparent. But definitely a back button.