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Hi Jona, thank you for addressing this issue. However, I have tried updating and reinstalling but the "invalid parameter" issue still exists. Can you post the APK on here or direct us to the updated build? Thanks!

Is there any update on the lighter skin. It's almost impossible to see any UI controls in this app during daylight. Otherwise, it's a great app!!
Hi Jona,

Do we have an updated estimate of when the beta will be released to address the AAC+ streaming issue on Gingerbread?

I understand that the developers have been working hard to design a new streaming engine to avoid this problem in the future. Please pass along our gratitude to them. We are looking forward to the release candidate when it becomes available. Thanks!
Is there any word on restoring AAC+/RTSP functionality to Gingerbread? Sucks that Google has to sabotage an excellent app with their poor quality assurance testing. Thanks for your hard work on this issue!