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so..... Is this happening?

just got an Android Auto radio, love xiaa and would love integration with AA! Make this happen please!

now he writes back: "I can’t guarantee that we can help you with that app. Good luck!"

what a dick, all i need is the stream link and to know if app is blocked.....christ

Yes! that worked! thank you. i will add it via wizard until link fixed. appreciate help.

i also contacted the station and the response i got was:

"You can get the stream for free at our website or the apps for, CBS Local or Tune-In. I just checked all three when you e-mailed and they all work. Thanks for listening to the FAN and have a great weekend!"

so clearly he didnt understand THIS app isnt working so I wrote back and waiting for a reply.

Thats fine, i can do that, but why would it work just fine with the other apps then? (, tunein, etc.)

so no help here with these errors? getting frustrated here....

Negative, msnbc working, but 92.3 wkrk still not working, still getting 403 forbidden error

Tried clearing cache, data, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, everything

seems to have been fixed with latest update