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By the way, I should have mentioned this before... I use this app on 4 different devices and the behavior is identical on all of them in my case .

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S3

LG LG5 tablet

Samsung Galaxy 8 tablet

And some use Wi-Fi, some use LTE or both. It does not seem to make a difference but I thought it might be useful information :-)

The latest updates do not seem to have fixed the problem, at least not for me. It's working as expected inside the player but not anywhere else.

I sometimes use the lock screen control, or the notification widget, and sometimes use shortcuts I've created ( with Llama ) that send Next/Previous media player commands to the system.

The Fast Forward/Rewind media commands seem to work like I would expect the next and previous commands to work. But of course, that doesn't help me on the lock screen or in the notification area.

Generally, I use m3u playlists that have streams broken up by genre; dance, talk, rock, etc... and I have a bunch of streams in each one. And though I do have some stations that are just a stream of its own, the majority of my stations are these m3u playlists I'm referring to.

For example, if I'm listening to my dance.m3u playlist, and hit the next button in any of the aforementioned widget controls, I am hoping it would go to the next stream in the dance playlist. But instead, it moves to talk.m3u or one of my other playlists.

In case it matters, I'm using a Samsung Note 4 on Verizon. This is only the second app I've ever bought and I completely love it. But this new change has made it fairly unusable for me because I use it in the car as a stereo. And when I want to change of station, I am forced to get past the lock screen and open the app to move to the next stream.. which can be difficult while driving.

Also, I don't know if this matters, but these playlists are also retrieved over the internet. Like ... ( just a made-up example but you get the idea ). I don't want to give the real URL becausemy domain name is kind of dirty :-) It's a perl script I wrote for my own site that randomly generates these playlists.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. I really love this app and hope that I've given you enough info to replicate the issue. Thank you.