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Installed the version you sent. Now it buffers and then says "android media framework failed". Made another log & emailed it to you.
Forwarded the log to you again and referenced this issue in the email.
I tried the internal stream engine. It works sometimes but usually it just says "connecting" and never seems to connect.
Some do. Some don't. Most of them have the same issue.
Sent the log again.
No, I'm trying to play mostly MPEG stations. I just sent the log as requested.

The station that I always listened to the most is called " Kink Aardschok". Like I said though it plays perfectly fine if I use a different program (Resco Radio) so it's not the station, its the new version of XiiaLive.When trying to play the station on XiiaLive, it says "buffering" for a little while then when it reaches 100% it says "connection dropped" and starts buffering again in an almost endless loop. I'm using a Samsung fascinate with firmware version 2.2.1. My girlfriend has the same phone with an older firmware version, the same version of XiiaLive and our favorite stations won't play on there either.