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I'm still having the same widget issue on every version after 2.18, nothing has changed.
Still have this problem even after a clean uninstall/install.  I only use this mostly in the car dock/landscape when driving.  You might get station/song info when you start the widget but it disappears soon.  Mostly you lose both the station ID and song info (it shows unknown) but when the next song plays, the song id comes back, no station ID.  If you touch the widget and open the app, all information is there.  If you open another app and close, both station and song ID's go to unknown until the next song plays.  I only have this problem with the widget in version 2.1.9, not in 2.1.8 back, those all work fine.
Maybe it's something on my end.  I'll reinstall/reboot and try a few things.  If you don't hear back assume that fixed my problem :)
Correction.  It's not the car dock, its when you change the orientation (landscape/portrait).
It appears this only happens when the phone is in the Motorola car dock.  The ID tags will come and go but when you open the app all the tags are there.  I'm using the full version 2.1.9.  I tried it with multiple streams and get the same behavior.  I'll keep testing..