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Still having issues on Galaxy S4 - doesn't disconnect cleanly on bluetooth disconnect, stutter issues -- Both my Asus and Motorola tablets get app shut down messages several to many times each day (unfortunately xiia has to shut down error messages). I'm sending multiple bug reports daily, I hope you fix this soon. Rather annoying.
Let me test it a little bit more just to make sure it wasn't a wireless drop or something.  It reminded me of what the audio sounds like on a cell phone when you lose coverage.  The stream is coming from my audio source, so I tested that part ok.  Can listen if you want: or search Spinnaker on Shoutcast.
Seems to work ok on my DroidX2, but is playing all wonky intermittently on my Xoom wifi, both stream engines.  I never had this issue on the Xoom prior to the latest update. 
Testing on Droid X2 rooted, stock rom while driving in my car (in a car dock).  I get periodic audio 'hangs-studder' on 128k mpeg streams with android stable and beta engines. (Sounds like a machine gun firing extremely fast if that makes sense)  If I switch to FFmpeg, its just a constant buffer.  Seems to happen when switching from one cell site to another and the buffer indicator drops in the red.  If I go back to the prior beta version, I don't have this problem.
Love the 3.0 beta! The bugs I had with a stream dropping and not reconnecting are gone and the widget doesn't lose Meta tag info anymore, nice. Bug: if I set an alarm it force closes anytime I try to go back in the alarm settings (Droid x2). Also, the widget size on my xoom tablet is cropped in landscape, fine in portrait. I don't have the widget problem on my Droid X2.
Yes, the metadata is fine in the player, but disappears on the widget.
FYI, I tried CM7.1.0-RC1 and Liquid Sholes 2011806.122403, same problem.  It actually got worse on CM7, forcing me to revert back to version 2.17.  All you should have to do is install one of these builds and move the phone from portrait to landscape to see the issue.  Doesn't matter if you use internal stream engine or not, problem exists.

I tried with and without the internal stream engine, no change.. still losing metadata in the widget.  Back to ver. 2.1.8 for me I guess.  That version never loses the info. 

It happens in the widget.  If you open the widget to player, the meta info is always there (in the player).  I think had the internal stream engine off but I'm not 100% sure.  Don't know if this is an issue, but I'm using it landscape with the Motorola window dock.  I'll try installing the new version and use the internal stream engine on my way home from work tonight and report back.

I tried that, it still loses the information in the widget, is fine in the player.