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 Oh yeah with strean engine to OFF it's ok but ok still the issue with buffer :(

Well i hope issue with stream engine to ON will be fixed to make it workin :D

Thank you again.


since the last update of XIIALIVE (2.2.3) I cannot stream anymore these URL :

Even i have removed Lavf user agent as know ripper from my script and even i set Stream engine to ON.

XIIALIVE error message is : lost connexion.

Before updating XIIALIVE it was possible to stream for almost 30sec.

Thank you.



 You're welcome :D

So it's "Lavf" (listed as not allowed to stream our radio) the user agent sent by XIIALIVE with Internal stream engine to ON, and this is the user agent with Internal stream engine to OFF :

Dalvik/1.2.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.2.1; HTC Wildfire Build/FRG83D 

Thank you.


 Oh Really so maybe it's because XIIALIVE with Stream engine to ON send one one those user agent :

Known ripper found: Ares for pointer 18. Banning successful!
Known ripper found: Lavf for pointer 15. Banning successful!


Winamp is listed too as not allowed to stream our radio.

Thank you.



 wow that's nice :D it's because i never favorited a radio ... so yes maybe an option to just a play an URL would be good.

Anyway i really hope XIIALIVE should play my stream on port80 very soon :D

Stream engine to ON does not really fix the issue :(

Thank you and keep up the good work. 



thank you for the answer.

Ok with Internal stream engine to ON but now it stops after 25sec.

I would like to suggest something: can you add a way to type a stream URL directly into xiialive app.

Thank you.