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Hi Jona,

Thanks for that and sorry about my late reply.


The playlist URL I'm trying to connect to is:

I can add it and it will play, but come back a day or two later and i get an authorization error - it's a 24 x 7 radio stream so it's not that it's expired.


As a temporary workaround I goto this site:

Long press on the 128k AAC+ link and mobile firefox will have a "Open with Xiialive App" link that i can hit, and it will play fine. I just can't save it as a favourite that's all - because then i'll get the same problem reoccurring.


I understand that rnb/drum and bass/hip hop isn't your type of music, so here are the rest of the 128kbps streams for all the other BBC stations - if you connect from outside the UK without a VPN, these will default to 56kbps AAC+.


In order to get 128/320kbps quality, you will need to connect a VPN. I have tried persisting without a VPN but the result is the same :( I just have to keep re-adding the stream, or visiting a website that


BBC Radio 1 - 128kbps - 128 Kbps

BBC Radio 2 - 128kbps - 128 Kbps

BBC Radio 3 - 320kbps - 320 Kbps

BBC Radio 4 - 128kbps - 128 Kbps

BBC Radio 4 LW - 128kbps - 128 Kbps

BBC Radio 4 Extra - 128kbps - 128 Kbps

BBC 5 Live - 128kbps - 128 Kbps

BBC 5 Live Sports Extra - 128kbps - 128 Kbps

BBC 6 Music - 128kbps - 128 Kbps


Thanks for the suggestion of V Radio, but their database appears to only have the 48k WMA stream which is fairly low quality.


Hi Jona - thanks for that - the problem for me on a Galaxy S is that the back key is how i exit the program the fastest.  So if i press all, which brings up my list, and then hold down the home key, press task manager and end all, then yes that does work - the next time i go into xillia and press favourites, my list is shown (instead of the categories).
How you can repeat the problem is by repeatedly pressing the back key to exit xillia - if you do that the category list is shown each time.
So if going to the task manager and ending the app is the only way to exit it to avoid this annoying issue, can a "red x" button or a close link be added to xillia? Pressing the left menu softkey for me does nothing in xillia (i thought it might be another way to exit the app without forcing it to end via task manager)