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I'm having the same issue, would like my money back too as I will go back to mediayou player, it's not as sexy as this app but it works where as this player freezes on 'stopping' and you have to fully reboot the phone.
Yes I'm getting this with the following stream for Magic London.

Really annoying as I get a quick blinking 'stopping' and that's it you can't play anything else.

Please Xiia fix this, I wish now I'd stuck with the Lite as nice as this app is I cant switch between my faviourite streams and have to fully reboot the phone, so it looks like it's back to the more ugly but perfectly working mediayou player.
I have a HTC desire HD and all the AAC+ streams sound like AM radio, I'm still waiting for HTC to send out a fix for this.

I've tried modifying build.prop and disabling stagefight but it goes back to the way it was before I modified the file.

When I saw that this app said it fixed the AAC+ problems I thought it fixed all of them, disappointed now.