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...forgot to mention, Galaxy Nexus (4.0.4, thanks to Verizon)

YAY! The 4x1 widget is now 4x1! ;) The new release is mah-ney, good job!

Happy to help. Thanks for being a responsive Dev team!
Nice! so it probably has less to do with what station it is versus how many items a station typically keep in its playlist thereby making them susceptible to this bug. Kewl
I did the same but still get continual '::connecting::' retries. (?!)   Which stations were hosed for you?
In Winamp, my weeks-old gotradio, 100Hitz and Big R Radio links still work so maybe it is xiia.
I also found the radio stations with the invalid parameter are the point and 181 Party. this one seems to occur randomly but only on those 2 stations, other stations work fine. weird
yes, re: 'Network Unreachable' I didn't have an example in front of me at the time I posted. To add the links, I streamed the stations then hit the Add to Favorites icon.
Correct but if I save them to my Favorites they don't work within a matter of hours after storing them. I don't expect to have to search for the stations I like among thousands every time I want to listen to one, that's the point of a Favorites list.
Well, as I look at this some more, after the 100Hitz and GotRadio links I sent you yesterday went 'stale' this morning, Xiia is reporting 'Network Unavailable' so I guess it's the broadcasters.  I think those stations are using temp IPs or urls.  I'm absolutely puzzled why inet radio stations would want to make it difficult for listeners to return to their stations.