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I only have like 10 stations saved.. but it's just the principal of having to save it to computer from my phone, upload to tablet - etc every time i had or make a change.

How about an option for the app to place the backup file on Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc) instead of the local storage.  That way both devices could share the same backup file???

Correct Patrick, thats how I currently do it..  But it would be better if it was automatic.   The current way, if you save a favorite its not on the other device, unless you are constantly syncing your favorites file.

Nice job guys definitely some improvements...  After using it for the following week or so.. id like to provide the following feedback:

1.  On the "home" screen, on the light or dark themes, the options can still be hard to read.. especially in sunlight and on the lighter theme.  Can you possibly increase the font sixes of the text and make them a little more bold??

2.  While in the app the top bars can be hard to read, again, in brighter conditions and even on the lighter theme.. The orange with the black text can be hard to read.. and there seems to bee too many taps at the top.. anyway to condense them or use the screen realsate differently?