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All of them were hosed. But they're back, at least for now. 

Let's see; CRIK FM, BigParrot, theQuizomatic, Gold Star Radio, Sky FM - 80s, and XeRW, to name a few. Now, many of those were stations I added manually with the old version of XiiaLive.
I much prefer the light, bright colors on a dark background. Plus, please do not use gray as a text color; I can't read it on a light or dark background!

Plus, use bold fonts, please. If I step out into the sunlight, I can't read anything at all on the screen. The original color scheme was perfect.

Maybe you could let people design their own color / font scheme and save it to share with others.
I listened to favorite stations on the way home from work today and then updated to the latest Beta when I got home. Now, none of my 22 stations work and I am getting "Invalid Parameter" for each station.


Update: I flushed the cache, deleted all the data, forced a stop and then restored my stations from the saved database. All the stations are working now.

But still ...