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Of course, when I close the alarm app, last title of song still there is, and when open again Xiia and the next song tuned doesn't displayed, I mean the last song when I close the alarm app is still there until I kill the app with the task manager.

Yes, but now there are another bug, this consist in when go back to Xiia, before closes the alarm app, the first song is still displayed there, inclusive after played several songs.

Yes, when starts the alarm app, doesn't appear in the lock screen the control player. When I unlock the screen when XiiaLive starts, the playback controls doesn't show the current streaming initialized by the alarm app and can't manipulate, it is like the app had another instance of the app running on background and only show the window with the message "Wake up!, Wake up!", when I close the window occurs this too, can't stop the current stream until use the "Manage" option in task manager and chose "Force stop".