Your comments

Hi Jona,

Thanks for the reply.

Here is is info:

1 - I want to be able to record at least 2 channels at the same time, over wifi of course.

2 - I should be able to schedule the recordings, and set how long I would like the recording to be.

3 - Any new recordings of the same channel would just overwrite the previous recordings.

4 - I would like to see the ability to record at least 3-4 hours for each recording for long road trips.

My usage:

I would record overnight.  Take my phone with me in the car, and listen to my recording while on the road, without using my mobile data up.  I currently use it for listening to OTR & Talk Radio stuff.

Hope that helps.  I was using your app very heavily at first, but had to reduce my usage due to the amount of mobile data I was finding myself using.  Would love to start using it more again if you can get recording working.