Under review

An option to make choice what data wil be displayed via Bluetooth AVRCP

Michal Ochodlo 8 years ago updated by yaptichko 7 years ago 3

it will be fine to make choice what AVRCP data will display on cars audio. Now i can only see which song is playing on my cars audio. But i will better see the radiostations name. I have much of them in my list and switch between them also with the cars audio system but on the screen i dont see which station im listen. Only what song is now playing.

Under review

Hello Michal! Interesting idea you've got there! I'll be forwarding this to our developers for further review! Thank you!

Please, realize the opportunity, about which Michal wrote.
And more. I use XiiaLive on a standard VW car radio. This radio allows me to view the list of "songs" ("stations") on a Bluetooth-connected device. I can select any "song" from the list, and not just use the "forward" and "back" buttons. Can you add this feature to the application? Thank.