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An option to make choice what data wil be displayed via Bluetooth AVRCP

Michal Ochodlo il y a 8 ans mis à jour par yaptichko il y a 7 ans 3

it will be fine to make choice what AVRCP data will display on cars audio. Now i can only see which song is playing on my cars audio. But i will better see the radiostations name. I have much of them in my list and switch between them also with the cars audio system but on the screen i dont see which station im listen. Only what song is now playing.

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Hello Michal! Interesting idea you've got there! I'll be forwarding this to our developers for further review! Thank you!

Please, realize the opportunity, about which Michal wrote.
And more. I use XiiaLive on a standard VW car radio. This radio allows me to view the list of "songs" ("stations") on a Bluetooth-connected device. I can select any "song" from the list, and not just use the "forward" and "back" buttons. Can you add this feature to the application? Thank.

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