screen off = constant knocking sound

him 8 years ago updated by Nanren 8 years ago 2

I am considering paying for the app IF it will stop the horrible constant knocking sounds that result when the HTI 816 screen is off. When I use USA Radio, TuneIn or iHeart, with screen off, there are NO problems. Will the knocking noise STOP with the PRO version?

SOLVED. The problem only happens apparently with some stations. I switched to other stations after posting this and they worked ok with the screen off. Thanks.


You didn't mention your device model so i'm unable to figure it out what problem is caused. If you turned on battery saver or limiting Xiialive by turning off some permissions or use 3rd party app to take control over Xiialive, unknown problems might occur.

if you don't like knocking sounds, you can open Xiialive settings -> Sound, and turn off Theme and Volume