xiialive stops, memory management?

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I am a regular user of the app but unfortunately I'm not able to use it while browsing in Chrome - the app gets killed after a few seconds. It happens every time and is very annoying. I suspect it is high ram usage and Android simply kills it. Is rhere a way to keep it in memory? I've tried various apos that tweak process priority etc (rooted) but to no avail.

Im running KitKat on an Alcatel Pixi tablet.

I have got the same problem. Chrome is suck sometimes.

It is almost certainly a memory issue. I've just tried TuneIn and it doesn't have this problem. Looking at memory usage, TuneIn uses 13M playing a station compared to 43M for XiiaLive. Shame as I really like XL and have paid for premium, but I'll have to use TuneIn for now. Developers, is there any way to force XL to stay in memory or create a leaner version? Not everybody has a high end device. Thanks.

Because the stream cache is stored in RAM and not in storage. If you set the cache length to 60min, Xiialive will use 140 MB total. Tunein store the cache directly in the storage memory and it does not use much RAM. I have requested this for a year ago and they still haven't made it.

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