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Xiialive crashed and all my tags and radios are gone.

Dimitris 8 ár síðan Uppfært 8 ár síðan 5

Hi. Yesterday when using Xiialive, the app crashed suddenly and now the program caches only the last radio station who i listened and the latest search. The tags and my favorite radio stations are gone.

How can i recover the tags and radios?

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Hello. If I may ask, are you still experiencing the crash issue? It seems like the data has been corrupted. If it's not too much trouble, can you kindly trigger a bug report once the app crash happens again. Also trying to do a backup could help. Kindly check our help article link for more details Backup and Restore Thank you!

Yes. I tried to make backup but nothing. I have updated the app and i can't make bug report. Maybe the problem has started when i had problem with internet in wednesday. Maybe the app crashes when try to open the data. 1.5 years of tags and radio are gone :-(

There is any chance to solve this problem? The data are still there but the app can't load the data.

Hello. I still have that problem. ts any way to solve this problem?